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When going through a divorce, one of the biggest questions is what happens to your property?  In Pennsylvania, the process of dividing marital assets through divorce is known as “equitable distribution”.  Many of our clients initially assume this means that all assets will be split evenly between the spouses; however, this is not accurate.  The division of property depends upon a number of important factors.  If you’re considering a divorce, the following guide will help you understand what property is at risk for distribution, and how it can be distributed. What Property is at Risk for Equitable Distribution? Generally speaking, in a

If you or a loved one are involved in an abusive relationship, the Pennsylvania Protection from Abuse Act is there to ensure your safety. This civil law allows you, in conjunction with any criminal charges you may bring, a means of protecting you and your family through the courts. But what exactly does a PFA order do, and how do you obtain one? This short guide will provide you with some answers. What is considered abuse? According to the Protection from Abuse Act, abuse occurs if one or more of the following acts occur: Causing or attempting to cause physical harm with